Our approach is focused on building long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication.

We don't just manage your money, we help you plan to achieve the life you want, over the course of your lifetime. We work with clients in all stages of life—whether they are entering into domestic partnerships, building families, running small businesses, preparing for retirement, or restructuring after major life changes.

How it works

In the beginning, we will work closely with you to determine your own unique goals, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. Over the first year, you can expect to meet with us a lot. We'll spend a great deal of time establishing trust and making sure a strong financial foundation is in place before we start to talk about investment strategies.

After that, depending on the complexity of your goals, we will meet annually or semiannually to assess progress, reassess goals, pivot as necessary, and keep you on track. We'll also meet whenever unexpected things come up—if you're planning a kitchen renovation, we want to know about it!

Even as the world grows increasingly difficult to predict, we can work together to build the foundation for a healthy financial future.

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Our Process

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners, we follow the 7 phases of the financial planning process to help you achieve your financial goals:


Understanding Your Personal and Financial Circumstances

We’ll truly get to know you and understand where you are coming from before creating a plan.


Identifying and Selecting Your Goals

We’ll work with you to pinpoint your financial and personal goals.


Analyzing Your Current Course and Potential Alternative Courses of Action

We’ll see what’s working, what’s not, and what could be working better.


Developing Your Personalized Financial Planning Recommendations

We’ll provide seasoned advice tailored to your unique situation.


Presenting Your Personalized Financial Planning Recommendations

We’ll lay out the best options for you and provide a plan to help you get started.


Implementing Your Personalized Financial Planning Recommendations

We’ll work with you to make sure all of the elements of your plan are put in place.


Monitoring Progress and Updating Your Plan

We’ll help you stay on track and make changes when necessary.

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